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Guilty Party Sweatshirt


Each sweatshirt is a 1 of 1. Hand cut lettering is hand sewn onto vintage sweatshirts, Pentimento tags sewn in and then washed for an even more vintage feel. 

*Please note these are VINTAGE sweatshirts. They are not new and have been worn and washed. Please consult measurements below*

Red/ White

Chest : 22.5in

Arm : 25in

Length : 21in


Chest : 23.75in

Arm : 27.5in

Length : 25in



Chest : 23.5in

Arm: 21in

Length : 25.5in



Chest : 23in

Arm : 26in 

Length : 23in


Pink / White

Chest : 22.5in

Arm : 28in

Length : 24in


Red / Black

Chest : 23in

Arm : 26in

Length : 24.25in


Grey Hoodie

Chest : 23.25in

Arm : 24in

Length : 24in