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Iron Heart IHSH-368-IND 14oz Double Cloth Western Shirt - Indigo


Upon first glance, this classic western cut could easily be mistaken for a lined shirt. But, in fact it’s constructed from a double weave cloth. Producing double weave cloth is a complex process which involves intricately weaving two separate sets of warps and wefts on the same loom, to create a fabric with two distinct faces.  

Woven on a dobby loom to create a more pronounced texture, this particular double-cloth utilizes a cotton / poly / acrylic blend.  With its indigo rope-dyed face and a patterned reverse, the result is a substantial feeling fabric which is both soft and durable, creating a visually striking, heavyweight shirt that’s perfect for the colder months.

  • Made In Japan 
  • Western Shirt
  • 14oz double faced cloth 
  • Double-woven - (A single piece of fabric that consists of two separate sets of warp and weft threads, woven together on the same loom using two shuttles instead of the usual one. This complex process produces a heavy-weight, double-faced cloth with endless possibilities for intricate patterns)
  • 75% cotton / 15% poly / 10% acrylic
  • Pure indigo rope dyed face
  • Black Iron Heart logo’d Permex snaps 
  • Sawtooth style, dual snap pockets
  • Single, double and triple needle stitch construction 
  • Red bobbin thread
  • Felled seams
  • One washed - no shrinkage to be expected

Please allow a variance of +/- .5in.

We are happy to measure a specific item, just ask. 

Size Chest Shoulder Sleeve Length
Small 21 17 25.5 28
Medium 21.8 17.6 25.9 28.25
Large 22.6 18.5 26.5 28.9
X-Large 23.4 19.4 27.1 29.8
XX-Large 24.5 20 27.5 30.3
XXX-Large 25 20.6 28.1 30.7
XXXX-Large 26 21.5 28.7 31.5
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • XXL
  • XXXL